Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Herb Shortbread Cookies

I found these wonderful Apricot Rosemary Cookies and made them one day last week. They came out great but I felt they were too thick so I made them again today and rolled them out thinner and they were just perfect. The cookie is made with a little bit of cornmeal in the batter which makes it taste more like a cracker than a cookie. At one of the farmers markets where I set up there is a vendor who sells delicious and unusual flavors of homemade jams and jellies. She had a jelly with rosemary in it and we put the Rosemary cookie with it and ..Wow!!.. it was awesome!! So, I suggest you give this recipe a try!!


  1. The basil shortbread looks great. How did you make the neat shape? Do you use something like a cookie cutter? Thanks.

    I can't wait to try them

  2. Hi, yes for the basil shortbread cookies I used a rectangular shaped cookie cutter with fluted edges but certainly any shape would work just fine.



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