Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready for Spring

Yea, I who isn't ready for Spring? With all this snow. It's only about 9 AM and already it feels like it should be noon!

Woke up to about a foot of more snow and the sound of my neighbor's snow blower..thank goodness for my neighbor! I'd be shoveling out all day if it wasn't for him! He takes his snow blowing very seriously...but that's okay with me!

Bundled up..grabbed the snow shovel..and tried to dig out the car...didn't last too long. That snow's heavy!

So since the only color outside my window is gray and white..they're not even colors!..I felt the need to dig into my archive of photos taken during this past summer and fall..just to remind myself of good things to come..warmer weather and all!

These first two photos I took while driving over the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge..ever take picture while driving? I don't recommend it! But I do love the views as you cross the bridge. These were taken in the Fall.

Haven't decided what to bake today..but I need to give cake a rest! ..Hmm..maybe muffins!

My sister's garden..Summer

And how could I not include the New Jersey shore..this is Sea Girt..grew up here. Best time for the shore is just after summer have the whole place to yourself!

And that brings us back to this morning!
Looks like a snowman ( a skinny one) sitting on that chair!
Ok..thanks..that's it..back to the kitchen!

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