Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Weekend Out of the Kitchen!

I had the chance to get out of the kitchen and go down the shore this weekend for a giant flea market that was being held in Ocean Grove, NJ. If you've never heard of Ocean Grove, it's a wonderful little "gem" of a town that lies just south of Asbury Park..you know,  the one where this guy got his start here! It's filled with charming Victorian houses and really a wonderful place to get away for a weekend.

Having spent part of my growing up years living down the shore, I had visited Ocean Grove only maybe once or twice so after all these years it seemed like I was seeing it for the first time.
It originally was a religious summer resort retreat and I remember you weren't even allowed to drive a car there on Sundays.
What I find fascinating are the tents set up all summer. They're made of a heavy canvas that attaches to a permanent structure in the back. There are several streets of these tents set up around the Great Auditorium and they are so charming!
You can see the inside of one here. Just a wooden platform floor with the top propped up in place.

And, of course, no shortage of Victorian architecture with wrap around porches and an abundance of blooming flowers everywhere. So pretty!

The gingerbread trim on the houses is amazing. Wouldn't want to paint all that!
So, it was great to get a break from baking. I'm already planning my next mini vacation. Hmmm...wonder where I can go next?

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