Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cornmeal Cookies, Crumiri

I was only about 10 years old when my Italian grandmother, Jennie, died. I do have lots of special memories of her and I remember most vividly her Italian cookies she would make in the shape of an "S" which I always thought was for my name !! And I guess it was !!
Lidia Bastianich is one of my favorite cooks and I really think it's because she reminds me of my grandma Jennie. I just love watching her show on PBS. As she cooks her delicious recipes, she has wonderful stories and it makes you just want to jump into the TV and sit down with her and eat!!
So when I was searching for a certain Italian cookie recipe the other day I came across one of Lidia's cookbooks in the library. I grabbed her book along with about 4 others and made copies of several cookie recipes. This Cornmeal Cookie recipe is from one of her cookbooks but I did see the recipe online which brings me to my dilemma.
The recipe I followed in her book has a typo!! They left out a very important line in the directions where you're supposed to add the butter !! I had the dough all made when I looked over and noticed the butter still sitting on the counter!! I just dumped the dough back into the mixing bowl and mixed the butter in. It came out fine.
I baked a very small batch first and refridgerated the rest of the dough for about an hour. The first batch of cookies came out a little flat and too dark on the bottom because the oven temp. called for in the recipe was 400. The next batch was well chilled and I formed them into little logs and lowered the oven temp. to 350. They came out much better. I do think they could have used a little more flavor, perhaps some lemon or orange zest? But they do have a nice crunch from the cornmeal.
So I guess the moral of this story is to be sure to read over the entire recipe before starting...and, yes, she's still my favorite cook, baker whatever !!

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