Monday, March 22, 2010

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies & Brownies

We had such beautiful weather this weekend and I knew it that would bring a good crowd into the farmers market!
I didn't have the patience to babysit baking my scones. So I needed some new goodies to sell but..well, let me explain.

A while back my old reliable oven I've been baking with for the 9 plus years I've been in this house decided it was tired and just freaked out on me one day. So I went out, picked out a new one, had it installed..but it didn't work correctly. The temperature kept increasing, once I set it over 350, to the point that it was burning the bottom of what I was baking, especially my scones. I found the only way to bake the scones properly, without them burning was to actually keep an eye on the oven as they baked to be sure the temp. didn't go to 475! Which it did and I had to open the damn oven door to lower the temp.!! Who wants to bake this way? Not me!

So I had them take away that one..bring in a new one..and that one didn't work correctly either! It did the same thing! So now I'm on my third oven, different make and so we'll see what happens! And this one bakes convection also. Should be interesting getting adjusted to it.

So, that is why I chose to try these famous brownies by the bakery "Baked" in NYC. The recipe is very well known and they've gotten such great reviews that I thought it was time to give them a try.
If you read the recipe, you'll notice a few notes that go along with it. One in particular that states to be sure to not to overbake them. Well, I was so afraid I would maybe do just that , that I think I may have taken them out a minute too soon. It did pass the toothpick test, though. They were dense and fudgy and although everyone who tried a sample seemed to really like them, I 'm really not convinced they live up to all the hype!! Sorry.. just my humble opinion.

The peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I've made a few times before. They're from Smitten Kitchen's blog ( and originally from the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook) and they're really great! Unlike other peanut butter cookie recipes I've tried, these cookies don't crumble into a bunch of crumbs. They hold their shape and taste amazing!

I hope you'll forgive me for not posting the recipes. I have , however, provided the links. I'd love to hear from you on either or both recipes. Have you made them? What do you think of the brownies?
And, BTW, I did use Valhrona cocoa powder! I didn't skimp on the ingredients! (Just thought you might be wondering!).

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