Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday at the Farmer's Market

Since I'm not selling at the Indoor Market on Sundays anymore, I took a ride out to another Farmer's Market that's in Flemington, NJ. Bucks County, Pa is just a stone's throw from New Jersey. It's a wonderful market that is set up on a farm.
They had a chef from a local restaurant grilling romaine lettuce! Have you ever grilled lettuce? It's not the first vegetable you'd think of to grill but it was delicious! The grilled flavor was really great and he mixed it with a honey vinaigrette, then topped it with a locally made cheese. I'm not sure of the name of the cheese but it was a hard cheese similar to parmesan.
You only grill one side of the lettuce and just for a few minutes.

The finished salad, topped with the cheese.

Summer vegetables are the prettiest to photograph! The colors are so intense.

Swiss chard has to be the most colorful of the vegetables..and..did you know, the most nutritious.?

Such huge beautiful leaves!

I couldn't resist posting some photos of the local fruits and vegetables just becoming available in our farmer's markets. I hope, wherever you live, you have wonderful produce like this available to you.


  1. Missed you today, Susan! I didn't know that you weren't there on Sundays any more, and I was craving shortbread. How funny, though ... you were just two blocks from my house! We love that market (though we also belong to a CSA this year and are drowning in produce!).

  2. Sorry to have missed you at Stockton!
    Yes, the Flemington market is great. I was just visiting, though. Still looking for another Sunday market.



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