Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NYC and The Fancy Food Show...Bobby Flay !!

So much to little time!!

Amazing sight !!!!!!!

Til next time!
Back at the dock.

First...let me apologize....I haven't posted anything in such a long time that's it's downright embarrasing!! But, Wait!!!...I can explain...kind of. I've just been so very busy with 4 farmers markets to bake for it's just hard to find time..well..not just the time but I guess , for me, to just , quite frankly, be in the mood to "talk"!! Anyway, having "said" that, I can redeem myself with this post( I hope )!

I have been so looking forward to go to The Fancy Food Show in NYC. I needed to get inspiration and ideas for my cookie business and WOW!! did I ever get ideas and tons of inspiration!!

I dragged my sister along (hey, the lure of eating you're way through a show filled with one delicious morsel after another doesn't take too much coaxing!) and we had a great time!

Our beautiful early morning day started with a ferry ride from Atlantic Highlands, NJ to NYC. That ride was such fun. It always amazes me how many people commute by ferry and every day to the big city ! To see the Statue of Liberty and the city with it's tall skyscrapers is always awe have to see it in person to truly be amazed. Every time I see it , it's like the first time all over again!!

So we hailed a cab across town, get into the show and the first sight we see is...Bobby Flay doing an interview!! Wow...what a treat to be standing in front of one of my favorite Food Network stars!!

The show was just fabulous. There were 2 huge jam packed floors of booths and we did, literally, eat our way through. There were international displays( Italy was, of couse, our favorite!) . But all the chocolate, cookies, cakes and candies, teas, breads, olive oils, olives, and on and on !! Yikes!!
Our feet just kept moving and let me tell you by 5 o'clock they were a hurtin'!!

For me, the ferry ride back to NJ was the "icing on the cake". The weather was perfect, clear and sunny and I got the chance to see and photograph on of my favorite structures of the city...The Brooklyn Bridge. I don't know exactly what it is about that bridge that facinates me so. I think it's the combination of the gothic shape of the towers and the delicate flow of the cables...not to mention the proud American flags flying high on each tower...just the most beautiful sight!! Gives me goosebumps!! So, there you have it! Our day in the big apple and I can't wait to go back!! Enjoy the pix!!


  1. What fun! I love NYC. I used to live there. Fun place. The show looks like it was a blast!


  2. Oh yay! That sounds like such fun! You'll have to tell me more on sunday at the farmer's market (I'll still be there!).

    -Mary (The 'Happy Helper')



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