Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whoopie !!...pies, that is !!

Dashing through B J 's Wholesale one day this week to get some supplies, I happened to turn down the book aisle and, of course, couldn't resist checking out the cookbooks. I really didn't go there to buy myself a present,( heck, I just had a new roof put on my barn and I'm having some landscape work done around the house so isn't that present enough ?? ). But you know when that moment of weakness comes over you... impulse buying, I believe it's called...and in an instant you decide you have to have something? Yes, I found a cookbook " America's Best Lost Recipes " by the editors of Cook's Country Magazine. I love to watch America's Test Kitchen and lost recipes?? Intriguing, indeed !

So I brought home my cookbook present and one of the first recipes I tried were these Whoopie Pies. I especially liked that they use butter rather than shortening for their pies. The idea of consuming all that shortening in both the cake and the filling just doesn't seem very appetizing. These turned out very good. The cake part has a chocolatey taste and the filling is really yummy, sweet, of course, but so good ! Oh and an apology on the photo. They're very messy, what more can I say?! But so worth it !

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