Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to Baking

I had a quick and very unexpected trip to Florida last week in case you were wondering where I went.

It was really great to get away from the cold gray weather and be able to hop on a plane and 2 hours later enjoy beautiful warm weather. Now that my older son is working for an airline, it's so fun and easy to be able to just chose a day to go ( provided there's an extra seat) without too much planning. So I went down there to visit family but it's great to be back!

I really missed baking but we visited a wonderful Farmer's Market on Sunday and I couldn't resist taking pictures of these cakes...yes, they're really cakes that look like burgers...

And bagels! Aren't they amazing? They look so real! That takes way more patience than even I have to create something that real. The company was called Sugar Dreams and these were called Dreamburgers and Dreambagels.

So I'm happy to be back to baking again. I actually made a cake today but I'll have to wait til tomorrow to share it with you. Til then...

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