Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Yr. Anniversary and lots of Trial and Error

Well it has been a little over a year that I made the decision to start my cookie business and in some ways the year seems like a very long time and in other ways it seems like the year went by in a flash!
I have been trying to begin my entries on this blog for forever !! but keep getting side tracked...but today as my 1st yr. anniversary approaches I figured, what the heck, just do it!!
So, having said that, let me say that my goal is to record my journey in the business, take photos of , I hope, interesting and informative "goings on" in my area of Bucks Co., PA and post recipes...Yikes...all that takes time, doesn't it?
Well, not to start on a negative note but I am constantly trying out new recipes for everything related to my business and this latest one is no exception.
As you see, part of the title of today's blog is trial and error and the peanut butter brownie recipe I made looks great but the taste isn't chocolatey enough for me.
I got it out of an old issue of Martha's mag.
I am constantly trying new ideas and new ways to make a great product as I refuse to sell anything that doesn't meet with my approval. This one doesn' off they went to my son and his roommates in college. The darned things weighed a ton to ship, too !

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