Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Search for the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie..continues

As I stated in an earlier post, my cookie company is just a year old and for the past year I have been researching, baking, experimenting, baking, buying chocolate chip cookie cookbooks, baking, trying every chocolate chip cookie from every local bakery and ...did I mention BAKING!? for the chocolate chip cookie that I would be proud to represent my cookie company!

I really have gone crazy, recipe and taste testing this cookie and today was yet another experiment day. I somehow came across a recipe named "Best Damn Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ever" and I gave it a try.

The photos show the results, which I am happy to announce, are very good. The original recipe calls for dark brown sugar. I felt the end result made the cookie too dark, almost chocolatey colored so I remade the recipe using light brown sugar and the coloring was much more like you'd expect to see a chocolate chip cookie to be.
The first photo shows the dark brown sugar cookie and the second photo shows the light brown sugar cookie. To me the taste was no different. So, you may ask, have I found a "best" chocolate chip cookie?..Who knows what tomorrow may bring! Happy baking!

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