Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bucks County on a Saturday in Carversville

Whenever I leave the house without my camera, I get that nagging feeling I'm going to see a perfect opportunity to photograph something wonderful and kick myself for not bringing along the camera. I mean, there's so much beauty in this county at every turn, with the old red barns, golden fields, farm animals and stone farmhouses, just to name a few photo worthy views. I think back to the time I was coming home from a Sunday market and were rerouted through a back country road when, seemingly, out of nowhere, a huge group of pigs..yes pigs.. crossed the road right in front of me! Where they came from and where they were going is still a mystery to me! It was such a funny site to see, but, no camera!

Well, after the farmer's market on Saturday I thought I'd take a ride to Carversville where they were having their annual Carversville Day. And there was a cookie contest going on which I couldn't pass up!
Carversville is a delightful and charming historic village and full of the most wonderful old houses. It's a step back in time, a quiet and peaceful area if there ever was one.
I strolled through the day's event, heard the announcer ( Noel Barrett..you would know him as the toy expert from the famous Antiques Roadshow on PBS) call the names of the winning cookies, then decided I needed to see more of this beautiful village.
The photos of the houses are along the main street. The house above has a sign that reads " Justice of the Peace". There seem to be quite a few empty looking houses but many are being lovingly restored by people who truly love and appreciate older homes.

I loved the American flag in the downstairs window of this house. The house has so much character and is one of the homes being worked on.

This to me is a typical Bucks County scene with the beautiful gardens and the stucco over stone farmhouse.

One of the many old red barns that are everwhere. I loved the lanterns strung across the yard, some just hanging bulbs!

This is the Carversville Inn.

I loved this old stone house. I don't think anyone lives in it as it's really overgrown. A beautiful front door.

Well, I just thought I'd share some of the area where I live.
Sometimes, I think about other places to move to that may be more exciting or interesting but there's so much to appreciate right here. What's the expression.. "Bloom where you're planted"!

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