Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies...Happy Autumn !!

Although I am really sorry that Summer is officially over, I do love the cooler temps and the changing colors of the foliage. The recipe for these cute frosted sugar cut out cookies came to me in a round about way. I was watching QVC early one morning...or was it late one night !!? OMG, I can't even remember !! And no, this is not something I do often!! Anyhoo, They were selling cute cut out cookies from Cheryl & Co. Cookies. Not really knowing much about the company or the product, I decided to check them out and I came upon a copycat recipe ( or so they claim) for the Cheryl & Co. cookies. I don't have any little ones in the house..just a big one!!( My 21 yr. old!) , but it was fun to take a little time to decorate these. I used the frosting recipe that is included with the recipe and tinted it with food coloring. I used green sprinkles for the stem but if I was going to make them again, I would decorate them with royal icing.
The flavor of the cookies was nice, not too sweet and I think they make a perfect "canvas" for frosting or icing. They are a soft cookie( like Cheryl& Co. claims theirs to be). They are rolled out 1/2" thick which makes them a good substantial sugar cookie.
So, go ahead...Celebrate the Fall season with some cute pumpkin shaped cookies...or any other shape that tickles your fancy!!

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