Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pumpkins,Gourds and A Cute Amish Kid!!

I gave myself a day off from baking today. My friend Janet and I hit the road to go to the Antique Extravaganza out in Kutztown. Always in search of something..anything interesting in an antique or collectible I was very disappointed to have found nothing but I didn't come home empty handed.
I had a fun day taking lots of pictures of the area, pumpkins and gourds and one very cute, very bored little Amish ( or Mennonite) boy. He was just sitting on that hard cement block, bare foot holding on to the horse !! I wonder how long he had been sitting there?!
Soon after I took this picture, the boy, his mother and sister loaded up their belongings onto the buggy and took off down the side of the road with cars zooming past them. A common sight out there.

We found some really neat pumpkins and gourds for sale at the second market we went to at Shupps Grove. The colors and textures of these pumpkins were amazing and Janet brought home two of these stacks to put out front of the house.

These gourds were dyed in the prettiest colors of deep orange.

More interesting colors of yellow and white pumpkins. I never knew pumpkins came in such an array of colors and textures.

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