Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reading Terminal Market...and other "Beautiful Views"!!

Ok, let me first explain this crazy picture, then I'll get to explaining the title of this post! Yes, that's chocolate you're looking at in the shape of noses, hearts(human) and a Philly Cheesesteak!!(With "Cheese Wiz").
About the "beautiful views"...Today my Temple student son and I had to go into Philly to get answers to some very important questions concerning his rental unit. As you will clearly be able to see from the last 2 photos I posted, the apt. is not only in a terrible area but it has numerous building code violations and is unfit for anyone to live in. So we needed to get some answers to my many questions, that I won't go into here...suffice to say it's a big mess!!The situation and the rental. Anyone else out there ever find themselves in this kind of situation?? Do let me know, won't you?
Our first stop, since we had time to kill, was the Reading Terminal Market which I haven't been to in years. It's really a fun place to shop with lots of different stalls selling everything from meats and fish to baked goods, fresh vegetables and fruits and, my favorite, gyros!!
As we walked around we spotted this chocolate shop selling these crazy mice shapes and human nose and heart shapes. Also, the Chocolate Philly cheesesteaks were pretty odd, too!
I bought a chocolate chip pecan cookie at the 4th St Bakery. They are priced by weight and one cookie cost $1.98. Yikes..they are heavy cookies!! It wasn't all that great. My biggest complaint with many bakery cookies is that all you taste is sweetness. I like to taste flavors in my cookies, such as a vanilla flavor or the flavor of the pecans. Not too fond of the texture either. So, it was just ok.
Then we walked over to LeBus Bakery and I got a biscotti to try. It clearly had butter in it, making it more cookie like than biscotti "like". Not bad.

So, how's this for a lovely neighborhood?? Wouldn't you just love to know your child is living among all this beauty?!! I took tons of pix but I really didn't think it would be right to post them all.

Another "beautiful view" out the back window. Yea, I'd say this neighborhood has a way to go yet before humans can live there.

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