Sunday, April 26, 2009

A mistake gone terribly right !!


Moos...wondering...what the heck!??

All that stuff!!

Last week my friend and fellow flea marketer pal, Janet, who by the way collects and sells the best pink everything and shabby chic, called me to ask if I wanted to go to the Flea market/Antique Extravaganza in Kutztown last Thurs....well, are you kidding?!! A fun day out in beautiful weather hunting for bet!! So off we went and had a great time scouting around for our treasures. She looking for pink anything! and me..well, just anything that catches my eye. Well Janet found lots of pink stuff and I found a wonderful vintage cement garniture. It's a basket of fruits and flowers poured into a mold and made for an outdoor garden. I just love it and I put it in my garden where I can see it every day just outside my window. The woman had another which I hope she will part with someday soon. A pair would be the best!

So on the ride home,Janet is driving and I am loving the views, since I don't get to be a passenger in a car all that much and I spot this wonderful bucolic scene of a huge red barn with a field of Holsteins ...all that black and white and red !! Janet is on her cell at this point and she notices I am eyeing the scene. Do you want to stop? She asks..Heck yeah!! So after she makes a u turn these photos are the result. I couldn't get the red barn in the background because that would involve being on a busy highway and I wouldn't be posting this ..if you get my drift!!

So that brings me to my baking mistake..kind of! I came home from the long day knowing I had hours of baking ahead of me. So I began as usual. Among other items, I had 4 batches of blondies to make for a coffee shop that needed lots of baked goods for the Shad Festival happening in Lambertville,NJ this weekend. I made two batches and threw them into the oven. While they were baking I decided to get other recipes ready so I could bake kind of assembly line fashion. Well, in my haste I forgot to put the eggs into the next blondies batch. I remember thinking, these don't look like they should! I decided to bake them anyway and they came out to be a really good mistake. They were like a shortbread and actually tasted great with all the stuff I put into them, toasted pecans, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and coconut. So there you have it! A mistake gone terribly right! The moral of this story...multi tasking is not for (old)..rather, certain older age persons !


  1. The hens would be happy to see those eggless blondies. They sure look delicious : )

  2. Did you mention how Heavy that concrete thingie was? Haha. I had a great time too. Now it is time to list the Pink Flamingos. They must go. Come on girl, twist my arm for Brimfield . I really do want to go. Janet



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