Sunday, April 25, 2010

French Macarons..all the way from Paris!!

This is a quick post..just to share with you how fortunate I am ( and my son, Kris) to be able to have the chance to actually eat a French macaron..all the way from Paris!
My friend, Bea, (you remember her), went to Paris last week and I asked her to please bring me back some macarons. I had heard and read so much about them but never tasted them. Maybe they weren't popular the 2 times I was in Paris..I don't remember. That was back in 1964 and 1971!
Well, even though her flight was delayed by 3 days, due to the volcano erupting, she still brought me back delicious Parisian macarons! How lucky am I? She bought them in a bakery there. She said she could have bought them from the bakery case but if you're traveling, you can buy them like this, in their box.

As you can see, I couldn't wait to rip open and devour the little jewels..vanilla, chocolate, coffee and raspberry flavors..all delicious and amazing!
Now I know why all the fuss over these French treats. I can't decide which flavor I liked best. I really loved them all!
Just wanted to share! And, yes, I need to try to make them myself. Or just go over to Paris..or both!

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